Papers and preprints by Anusch Taraz

  • Perfect Graphs of fixed density: Counting and homogenous sets
    to appear in Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, 19 pages
    (with J.Böttcher and A.Würfl) (pdf)

  • Primality of trees
    Journal of Combinatorics 2 (2011), 481-500
    (with P.E.Haxell and O.Pikhurko) (pdf)

  • Induced C5-free graphs of fixed density: Counting and homogeneous sets.
    Proceedings of Eurocomb 2011, Electron. Notes Discrete Math. (2011)
    (with J.Böttcher and A.Würfl) (pdf)

  • Embedding into bipartite graphs
    SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 24(4) (2010), 1215-1233
    (with J.Böttcher and P.Heinig) (pdf)

  • Bandwidth, treewidth, separators, expansion, and universality for bounded degree graphs
    European Journal of Combinatorics 31(5) (2010), 1217-1227
    (with J.Böttcher, K.P.Pruessmann, and A.Würfl) (pdf)

  • Almost spanning subgraphs of random graphs after adversarial edge removal
    Proceedings of LAGOS 2009, Electron. Notes Discrete Math. 35 (2009), 335-340
    (with J.Böttcher and Y.Kohayakawa) (pdf)

  • Colouring random intersection graphs and complex networks
    SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 23(1) (2009), 288-299
    (with M.Behrisch and M.Ueckerdt) (pdf)

  • Proof of the bandwidth conjecture of Bollobas and Komlos
    Mathematische Annalen 343(1) (2009), 175-205
    (with J.Böttcher and M.Schacht) (pdf)

  • Bandwidth, treewidth, separators, expansion, and universality
    Proceedings of the TGGT conference, Electron. Notes Discrete Math. 31 (2008), 91-96
    (with J.Böttcher, K.P.Pruessmann, and A.Würfl) (pdf)

  • Spanning 3-colourable subgraphs of small bandwidth in dense graphs
    to appear in Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B 98(4) (2008), 752-777
    (with J.Böttcher and M.Schacht) (pdf)

  • The random planar graph process
    Random Structures and Algorithms, 32(2) (2008), 236-261
    (with S.Gerke, D.Schlatter, and A.Steger) (pdf)

  • Embedding spanning subgraphs of small bandwidth
    Proceedings of Eurocomb 2007, Electron. Notes Discrete Math. 29, 485-489
    (with J.Böttcher and M.Schacht) (pdf)

  • Essentially infinite colourings of hypergraphs
    Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, 95(3) (2007), 709-734
    (with B.Bollobas, Y.Kohayakawa, V.Rödl, and M.Schacht) (pdf)

  • K4-free subgraphs of random graphs revisted
    Combinatorica, 27 (2007), 329-365
    (with S.Gerke, H.J.Prömel, T.Schickinger and A.Steger) (ps)

  • On the bandwidth conjecture for 3-colourable graphs
    Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA 2007), ACM Press (2007), 618-626
    (with J. Böttcher and M.Schacht) (pdf)

  • Efficiently covering complex networks with cliques of similar vertices
    Theoretical Computer Science, 355 (2006), 37-47
    (with M.Behrisch) (pdf):

  • Degree sequences of F-free graphs
    Electronic J Combinatorics, 12 (2005), 12 pages
    (with O.Pikhurko) (ps)

  • Globally bounded local edge colourings of hypergraphs
    Proceedings of GRACO 2005, Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 19 (2005), 179-185
    (with M.Schacht) (pdf):

  • Large planar subgraphs in dense graphs
    Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B, 95 (2005), 263-282
    (with D.Kühn and D.Osthus) (ps)

  • Exact and approximative algorithms for colouring G(n,p)
    Random Structures and Algorithms, 24 (2004), 259-278
    (with A.Coja-Oghlan) (ps)

  • For which densities are random triangle-free graphs almost surely bipartite?
    Combinatorica, 23 (2003), 105-150
    (with D.Osthus and H.J.Prömel) (ps)

  • Colouring random graphs in expected polynomial time
    Proceedings of STACS 2003, LNCS 2607, Springer, 487-498
    (with A.Coja-Oghlan) (ps)

  • On random planar graphs, the number of planar graphs and their triangulations
    Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B, 88 (2003), 119-134
    (with D.Osthus and H.J.Prömel) (ps)

  • Almost all graphs with high girth and suitable density have high chromatic number
    Journal of Graph Theory, 37 (2001), 220-226
    (with D.Osthus and H.J.Prömel) (ps)

  • Phase transitions in the evolution of partial orders
    Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 94 (2001), 230-275
    (with H.J.Prömel and A.Steger) (ps)

  • Counting partial orders with a fixed number of comparable pairs
    Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, 10 (2001), 159-177
    (with H.J.Prömel and A.Steger) (ps)

  • Random maximal H-free graphs
    Random Structures and Algorithms, 18 (2001), 61-82
    (with D.Osthus) (ps)

  • Asymptotic enumeration, global structure and constrained evolution
    Discrete Mathematics, 229 (2001), 213-233
    (with H.J.Prömel and A.Steger) (ps)

  • Hypergraph packing and graph embedding
    Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, 8 (1999), 363-376
    (with A.Rucinski and V.Rödl) (ps)

Invited contributions

  • Zufällige Beweise
    In: Öffentliche Vorlesungen, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Heft 123 (2004)

  • Bösartige Gegenspieler, gutartige Probleme
    Plurale, 3 (2003), Zeitschrift für Denkversionen. (pdf)

  • Zufällige Graphen
    In: Faszination Mathematik (G. Walz, Ed.), Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, (2003) 339-347 (with H.J.Prömel) (ps)

  • Random graphs, random triangle-free graphs, and random partial orders
    in: Computational Discrete Mathematics (H. Alt, Ed.), LNCS Tutorial, Volume 2122, Springer Verlag, 2001. 24 pages (with H.J.Prömel) (ps)