Prof. Dr. David Bremner (Humboldt-Stipendiat)


This is my second visit to the TU Munich (and to the Applied Geometry and Discrete Mathematics Group) as a Humboldt Fellow . Previously, I was here from March 1 2002 to February 31 2003. This time I am here from September 1 2007 to November 31 2007 as part of a Renewed Research Program . In both cases I have extended my stay with salary support from the University of New Brunswick . My research has been supported in various ways by NSERC Canada  since 1990.

Research Interests

I am currently most interested in the following topics.
  • Separation in polytopal normed spaces
  • Enumeration of vertices and extreme rays of convex cones (especially enumeration of symmetry classes)
  • Combinatorial dimension functions in Minkowski spaces (e.g. the so called fat shattering dimension)
  • Data Depth (particularly halfspace depth)
You can find more information on my Canadian Home Page