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M.Sc. Fabian Klemm

Foto Zentrum Mathematik
Technische Universität München
D-85747 Garching bei München

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Room: 02.04.033
Phone: +49 89 289-16892
Fax: +49 89 289-16859
E-Mail: klemmma.tum.de

Visiting Hours:
during the semester:by appointment
during recess:by appointment

Research Interests

  • Clustering / Constrained Clustering
  • Discrete Optimization
  • Complexity

Main research direction: Usage of Generalized Voronoi Diagrams in the field of constrained clustering problems.

Examplary Application: Electoral District Design

Brieden, Andreas, Peter Gritzmann, and Fabian Klemm. "Constrained clustering via diagrams: A unified theory and its application to electoral district design." European Journal of Operational Research 263.1 (2017): 18-34.

see also http://www-m9.ma.tum.de/material/districting



Supervised Theses

Ongoing Theses and Projects

Type Authors Working Title
Bachelor's Thesis Riediger, Lucian Applying and Adapting Online Algorithms to Autonomous Car Sharing
Bachelor's Thesis Boubaker, Wassim Spectral Graph Theory in the context of Convolutional Neural Networks

Completed Theses and Projects

Completed Master's Theses / Diploma Theses

Authors Title Year
Reinerth, Tobias Ridesharing with multiple passengers and flexible role assignment 2017
Kaiser, Marcus Optimal Integration of Autonomous Vehicles in Car Sharing: A Decomposition Approach in Consideration of Multimodal Transport 2016
Knoll, Martin Optimal Integration of Autonomous Vehicles in Car Sharing: A Decomposition Approach and Fastening Heuristics 2016
Haase, Veronika Optimal scheduling and routing in forestry using combinatorial optimization 2015
Grupp, Clemens The Relocation Planning Problem in Free-Floating Car Sharing: Models and Heuristics 2015
Kampmeier, Alexander Analysis and Implementation of a Nonlinear Model for Soft Power Diagrams 2015
König, Anja Electoral District Design using Optimization Methods from Geometric Clustering 2015

Completed Bachelor's Theses

Authors Title Year
Heidler, Konrad Analysis of uniqueness problems in algorithmic discrete mathematics and its application in teaching support via e-learning tests 2017
Burkhart, Andreas Crystal Growth Modeling via Generalized Power Diagrams 2016
Feicht, Liora Der FSS NB Klassifikationsalgorithmus 2015
Winnes, Hannah Klassifizierung großer Datenmengen mit Entscheidungsbäumen am Beispiel des C4.5 Algorithmus 2014
Bauer, Kristof Klassifzierung großer Datenmengen mittels des NBTree Algorithmus 2014
Frieß, Manuel Oblivious Read-once Desicion Graphs und der HOODG Algorithmus 2014
Plapp, Johannes The OC1 Algorithm - On Classification, Decision Trees and randomized search of oblique linear splits 2014

Completed Projects / Interdisciplinary Projects

Authors Title Year
Kaiser, Markus Inzidenzstrukturen von Power Diagrammen 2015

Research Unit M9

Department of Mathematics
Boltzmannstraße 3
85748 Garching b. München
phone:+49 89 289-16858
fax:+49 089 289-16859


Prof. Dr. Peter Gritzmann
Applied Geometry and Discrete Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Andreas S. Schulz
Mathematics of Operations Research
(affiliated member of M9)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Weltge
Discrete Mathematics


Jan 25th, 2019
Case Studies 2019: Preliminary Meeting on Wed, Feb 6th, at 16:00 in room MI 03.06.011.