M.Sc. Fabian Klemm

Foto Zentrum Mathematik
Technische Universität München
D-85747 Garching bei München

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Room: 02.04.033
Phone: +49 89 289-16892
Fax: +49 89 289-16859
E-Mail: klemmma.tum.de

Visiting Hours:
during the semester:by appointment
during recess:by appointment



Research Interests

  • Clustering / Constrained Clustering
  • Discrete Optimization
  • Complexity

Ongoing Theses and Projects

Type Author Working Title
Bachelor's Thesis Heidler-KonradKonrad Heidler Analysis of uniqueness problems in algorithmic discrete mathematics and its application in teaching support via e-learning tests
Bachelor's Thesis Riediger-LucianLucian Riediger Applying and Adapting Online Algorithms to Autonomous Car Sharing

Completed Theses and Projects

Completed Master's Theses

Author Title Year
Reinerth-TobiasTobias Reinerth Ridesharing with multiple passengers and flexible role assignment 2017
Kaiser-MarcusMarcus Kaiser Optimal Integration of Autonomous Vehicles in Car Sharing: A Decomposition Approach in Consideration of Multimodal Transport 2016
Knoll-MartinMartin Knoll Optimal Integration of Autonomous Vehicles in Car Sharing: A Decomposition Approach and Fastening Heuristics 2016
Haase-VeronikaVeronika Haase Optimal scheduling and routing in forestry using combinatorial optimization 2015
Grupp-ClemensClemens Grupp The Relocation Planning Problem in Free-Floating Car Sharing: Models and Heuristics 2015
Kampmeier-AlexanderAlexander Kampmeier Analysis and Implementation of a Nonlinear Model for Soft Power Diagrams 2015
König-AnjaAnja König Electoral District Design using Optimization Methods from Geometric Clustering 2015

Completed Bachelor's Theses

Author Title Year
Burkhart-AndreasAndreas Burkhart Crystal Growth Modeling via Generalized Power Diagrams 2016
Feicht-LioraLiora Feicht Der FSS NB Klassifikationsalgorithmus 2015
Winnes-HannahHannah Winnes Klassifizierung großer Datenmengen mit Entscheidungsbäumen am Beispiel des C4.5 Algorithmus 2014
Bauer-KristofKristof Bauer Klassifzierung großer Datenmengen mittels des NBTree Algorithmus 2014
Frieß-ManuelManuel Frieß Oblivious Read-once Desicion Graphs und der HOODG Algorithmus 2014
Plapp-JohannesJohannes Plapp The OC1 Algorithm - On Classification, Decision Trees and randomized search of oblique linear splits 2014

Completed Interdisciplinary Projects

Author Title Year
Kaiser-MarkusMarkus Kaiser Inzidenzstrukturen von Power Diagrammen 2015