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Dozenten: Dr. René Brandenberg
Termin: Thursdays, 2-4 pm
Ort: 02.04.011
ECTS credits: 3



Date Topic Speaker Remarks
09.10.2014 Introduction (general remarks, some "how to's") René Brandenberg see below
16.10.2014 5 minute outviews all students see below
23.10.2014 The space of convex bodies Lena Polke  
30.10.2014 Helly-type theorems and Helly dimension Fabian Volz  
06.11.2014 Some fundamental geometric inequalities and John's Theorem Erich Rostas  
13.11.2014 Algorithmic aspects of convex sets Andrea Angermeier, Thomas Ulrich  
20.11.2014 Algorithmic aspects of convex sets Andrea Angermeier, Thomas Ulrich  
27.11.2014 Combinatorial theory of polytopes Stefan Hörl  
04.12.2014 Dies Academicus
11.12.2014 Combinatorial diameter and the Hirsch conjecture Daniel Haller, Thomas Grassinger  
18.12.2014 Festkolloqium zum 60. Geburtstag von Peter Gritzmann
08.01.2015 Tilings with convex polytopes Norbert Rümelin  
15.01.2015 Lattice polytopes Stefan Tilly  
22.01.2015 Representation of polyhedra by polynomial inequalities Christian Biefel  
29.01.2015 Quermassintegrals Bernardo Gonzales Merino  

  • Introduction: Some comments about the total schedule of the seminar and some "how to's" for preparing a talk (using media, preparing slides, feeback)
  • 5 minute summaries: all students present a very short summary (at most 5 minutes each)

Preparing and processing your talk

I recommend to prepare the talk in english. However, if you feel uncomfartable giving a talk in english you may give the talk in german (in which case I ask you to come to my office for a little discussion about this issue).

Each talk should take about 60 to 65 minutes. The remaining time is reserved for repetitions of last week talks (before the current one) and discussions after the talk.

Every participant must make an appointment with me until at least two weeks before the talk. At this point he/she should have already an idea about the general topic and what parts to present.

There are no general specifications about the embodiment of the talks. Especially the choice of media should be thought through in detail, and may vary during the talk.

Research Unit M9

Department of Mathematics
Boltzmannstraße 3
85748 Garching b. München
phone:+49 89 289-16858
fax:+49 089 289-16859


Prof. Dr. Peter Gritzmann
Applied Geometry and Discrete Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Andreas S. Schulz
Mathematics of Operations Research
(affiliated member of M9)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Weltge
Discrete Mathematics


Jan 25th, 2019
Case Studies 2019: Preliminary Meeting on Wed, Feb 6th, at 16:00 in room MI 03.06.011.